Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dry Spell plus movie question

Haven't had a chicken sandwich in a full week, not necessarily a record for me but it surely qualifies as a drought. No wonder I've been irritable lately, stupid me I thought it was because it's freezing out, it snows every other day, and work sucks.

Anyway, I have been watching a ton of TV lately, and a lot of movies as my new Verizon FIOS service came with free movie channels, about 200 of them, for a couple of months. It's amazing that with 10 Showtime, 12 Cinemax, 18 HBO channels etc there still is barely one movie per night I want to watch.

So the other night I'm flicking around and I run across American Pie, perfect timing as Shannon Elizabeth's nude scene is just about to come on. Sweet body, tatties are too fake but still good timing on my part. And I continue to watch because it is a very funny movie after all but what really gets me laughing is Chris Klein's attempt at acting. OMFG, he is the absolute worst. But he is like a car wreck, you can't take your eyes off him, and so I start to play casting director and think about what part, what role would be perfect for him. And I came up with two:

1. The Keanu Reeves story. Who else could play this piece of drift wood better (other than Mr. Reeves himself)?

2. A tree from the Wizard of Oz

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