Friday, January 23, 2009

Texas Roadhouse BBQ Chicken Sandwich


Look what happens, I make a post detailing my chicken sangie drought and it spurs me to go out last night and quench my “thirst”.  Nicely marinated, then grilled sandwich smothered in barbeque sauce on a decent but bland roll.  Comes with lettuce, tomato and onion which I promptly discard into the bread dish along with a pickle as I want nothing to do with that crap.  Get a little mayo on the side and add it to the dry bottom of the bun.  Adds to the mess, but without it the sandwich is just a tad dry.

Tasty but not remarkable and pales in comparison to the Friendly’s sandwich detailed earlier.  Sorry TRH, but it’s true.  I should have added cheese to it.  Accompanying steak fires were a plus however, as were the cold Bud Lights.

No good stories about the dinner either, couple of very attractive young women having dinner also but no pictures as wife was with me.  Didn’t think it would go over big with her or their boyfriends.  Did like the idea of younger talent hanging around though, been there 4 or 5 times so far and it’s more of a family type place.  Loud, fun, but too many families.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

News Report of the day


Former French President Chirac hospitalised after mauling by his clinically depressed poodle | Mail Online

Doesn’t detail the injuries, but we all know he wasn’t bitten on the balls…

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Dry Spell plus movie question

Haven't had a chicken sandwich in a full week, not necessarily a record for me but it surely qualifies as a drought. No wonder I've been irritable lately, stupid me I thought it was because it's freezing out, it snows every other day, and work sucks.

Anyway, I have been watching a ton of TV lately, and a lot of movies as my new Verizon FIOS service came with free movie channels, about 200 of them, for a couple of months. It's amazing that with 10 Showtime, 12 Cinemax, 18 HBO channels etc there still is barely one movie per night I want to watch.

So the other night I'm flicking around and I run across American Pie, perfect timing as Shannon Elizabeth's nude scene is just about to come on. Sweet body, tatties are too fake but still good timing on my part. And I continue to watch because it is a very funny movie after all but what really gets me laughing is Chris Klein's attempt at acting. OMFG, he is the absolute worst. But he is like a car wreck, you can't take your eyes off him, and so I start to play casting director and think about what part, what role would be perfect for him. And I came up with two:

1. The Keanu Reeves story. Who else could play this piece of drift wood better (other than Mr. Reeves himself)?

2. A tree from the Wizard of Oz

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friendly’s Honey BBQ Chicken Supermelt

A great start to this blog. Just a fantastic, tasty sandwich. Lightly breaded white meat, very sweet tasting barbeque sauce, bacon, cheddar cheese and ranch dressing on grilled sourdough bread. Hold the bacon for The Kid. Here’s what it looks like:


Very filling, very messy, and did I mention very tasty? Many of you would probably say very surprising as well as Friendly’s is not exactly what most people think about when they are thinking about good food. Good frappes, yep. Big ol’ sundaes, check. A place to kill an hour waiting for a simple cheeseburger, that’s the place all right. Speaking of which, I’ve been going to Friendly’s since my parents used to take me to the one in Darien when I was 5 years old, and it’s always been like one of those places that guarantees you will have your lunch in 15 minutes or less, only the exact opposite.

Tonight I took my daughter there for a little quality time and service actually was very fast and efficient. Almost like, after 75 years, they realize people want their food quickly. Anyway we sat down, ordered our food, and started eating. And then the real fun started. The place was an absolute freak-show. Forget the little baby, 6 months old at best, with the pierced ears shrieking up a storm. And forget about the mother babbling on the phone for the entire hour we were there, while her 2-3 year old sat there eating, choking, eating, choking. The same mother who, when she finally got off the phone and started to leave, didn’t bother to help her daughter out of the booth so was unable to prevent her daughter from smashing her forehead on the table’s edge. The same mother who after offering 5 seconds of solace then chastised her still wet-eyed daughter for “always being up my ass” because the daughter bumped into her as they walked out.

Forget all that as the real shit-show was just starting right behind us. In walks a grandmother with two of her grandkids. As my daughter fills me in on her day at school I can’t help but be distracted by:

“Shut up Nanna”

“NO YOU SHUTUP!!” followed by good old Nanna pointing one of her bony fingers at grandson and saying “OR I’LL KILL YOU”

Now I shit you not, this is going on 5 feet behind my daughter’s head. The grandson looks to me about 13-14 years old, his sister looks about 10 and Nanna looks like a bad-mileage 75 minimum. For the next 5 minutes Nanna and grandson exchange insults while the girl laughs the whole time. Then their conversation turns normal, or about as normal as can be as the boy is very, very, very effeminate and extremely goofy. He also can’t sit still and is constantly bounding up to pester Nanna, poking at her food and then trying to take her picture.


“Cmon, Nanna”

“Giggle, giggle”

Repeat this same scenario 2 or 3 more times. After the 4th or 5th swear I mention to my daughter that there are some strange people in here tonight. “Why do you think I’m not turning around?” she says, wise beyond her 8 years.

Now I can’t tell for sure if Nanna is truly pissed or just joking and I go back and forth on it. When she told the kids to "get your money up before I kill you", by my count at least the 3rd death threat she uttered, I decided that at the very least she was not a very nice person. You judge for yourself as I managed to take a sneaky photo. Not the best shot I know but I have to say I was scared shitless that Nanna was going to catch me and I would get bony-fingered. Here’s the Swiss Family Disfunctional:


You tell me, does Nanna look like the joking kind?


For years I've joked with my friends that my autobiography would be titled "Chicken Sandwiches and Places I've Had Them". We all laughed, not at the ridiculousness of it, but at the appropriateness of it. (Is that a word?) Because while my friends would order Lobster or some other fancy seafood dish at Legal Seafoods I would order the kitchen's only chicken sandwich of the day. In Vegas, during late night chow-fests in between gambling binges, I would order up my favorite while my friends headed for the Chinese buffet or the Luxor Steakhouse. What can I say, I love chicken sandwiches, or chicken sangies as we call them. So welcome to my blog where I will be chronicling my life's journey in search of the best chicken sandwich on the planet.